Dear Brian, Some say you are the Diving officer but i have to say you did a great job on Wednesday night . First class diving in top class conditions. I certainily wont be looking for your advice on ” How to park the car “. A slipway which is surely 30 feet wide and you had to get it as close to the wall as you could . I thought i taught you the tricks of the trade about navigation skills . I will run a refresher course on compass work next week in Rathbane at 14.30. The lesson for the day will be ” How to drive the ball ( in Brians case the car ) Straight . People confirmed so far—Myself,Kieran,Brian,Dave,Mike,Doc Tom,Seamus Hassett . If i have ommited anyone please contact me asap to confirm Nos 086 2705489 Richard

The 3 Toms and the Siege of Ennis

After years of arseing, dodging questions and being lead astray Ken pulled out all the stops and got stuck into the books ½ hour before the club diver test.

Maceij didnt need to since he knew it all in Polish and after a cracking dive both passed their club diver test and from all accounts impressed their Instructors.

Tom Nicks is now fluent in Polish and merrily headed home after swapping an old ABLJ for a case of vodka and a phone number of some mysterious pole dancer.


Another 2 New Club Divers added to Limsac

Doolin Mid Week

Laughing Great news last night as the club converted another two members to Club Diving Grade last night. Following in the foot steps of Mike and John, Maciej and Ken did their dive/test last night in near perfect diving conditions last night in Doolin.  The sea was flat calm, mirror like for Doolin, a rariety. The Dive/ test was based on Sally’s and some managed to find the drop off i.e. test candidates , the qualified did not though… hmmm…  Surprised Laughing Reports of a lovely dive really made the day of the Dry Coxswain, i.e. me … not helped by the jibes of Richard Roche who suggested going for a 2nd dive, especially after coming back for his 1st sea dive of the year Hee.. Hee.,…