The Locke bar – Nostrodamus revelations

A few gathered at what soon turned out to be a spot of a bit of jiggy, jiggy 🙂 … I mean, Irish music…So Tom recanted his tales of Diving Quilty, the fight was on to determine whether the diving was better in Quilty or Portmagee for the August bank Holiday weekend… Personally, I think Quilty won out, sorry Brian 🙁

Then with stealth, Ronnie entered into our cosy group, only to shock our gathering, with tales of disbelief to all who listened. A bit of gossip, oh my god!!!, the likes of it, never before heard by it’s audience, the tongues were wagging, the eyes rolling and it was then I realized the “Desert Fox” no…. the “blue orb fox”, Ronnie’s had struck to unleash his “minions” to seek out more information. So, the news hounds were instructed to go out on the prowl for more information to satisfy the Ronnie’s thirst for info. Terms like “getting back on the bike”, you will never forget “how to ride a bike”, will forever stick in my mind!!!! 

Alas, I am not at liberty to disclose the particulars of the “titbits” of information, least, I may come to a cruel and bitter end to my diving career, but, sworn to secrecy as I am, I am awaiting next week’s update and perhaps the, freedom of information act, will allow for full disclosure at some time in the near future.

I was also asked to convey to the powers that be, the man in charge, the supreme commander, the big cheese and so, to all his subjects…. Where are the photo’s of the Dinner dance?, where is the write up on the Children of Chernoybl and did anyone not wish to recant the events of diving Quilty in a blog. Is the Club falling apart?, are we losing it? Tom, however, was passing the buck, ducking and divin….. shame!!, passing it off to others!!!!

All in all, get the boat back in the water, back to sea diving as quickly as possible, lead me to the pinnacle came the cries, Portroe can wait for me another time!!!

Therefore, as an obedient Diving Officer, I will try to comply!!!


A visit to Smerick/Dingle may be on the cards soon, as Matt is prepping for Leading Diver exam very soon. 2 candidates for Club Diver test soon also.

Johnny & Dave as always are keeping the keeping the equipment in tip top shape. thanks on behalf of the Club as always!!!