The Tale of our Mariner 320 and a fearless Leinster supporter

New Mariner 320

As some of you are aware Francis is a true blue -a Lunster Supporter living in Manorhamilton and is also known to service the odd regulator and VIP a few bottles. He also supplies compressors and wouldn’t be lost in Moore Street with his slang and sharp wit.

Chapter One.
Last November we decided to replace our compressor before the existing one blew up and according to Murphy that’s exactly what happened. Yes, Murphy got his hands on our Marnier and it finally gave up the Ghost back in May.


Chapter Two
It finally arrived although I suspect Francis was holding on to it for some time, delaying his arrival to coincide with the Munster v Ulster interprovincial in Thomand Park. This was strongly refuted but how could you believe a Dublin Jackeen wearing a crisp new Leinster Jersey hailing from Leitrim and driving a Galway registered Land Rover Sport.  Especially since his son was dressed from head to toe in Munster gear.

Then the banter started.


30 – Nil was mentioned and as I tried to put a Munster Jacket on Francis, a shemozzle broke out, but it’s only when Frank Corr and Johnny stepped in to calm the situation it went from bad to worse as ‘Shaggy’ (Shane Horgan) was called a Big Girls Blouse.

As Brian Kearney arrived, it now appered there was more members here than at a typical dive site or AGM for that matter, so Johhny presented Brian with this Club Man of the year award, Brian was so taken back he nearly gave Johhny a hug but it was pointed out that this too wasn’t allowed under our consituation.

While we pulled leavers, opened values and switched switches Francis franticly ran around trying to make sure we didn’t break anything, all the while answering our questions. In real life the Mariner 320 at 143 Kg is big, robust and much more substantial than our old one. It takes just over 10min to fill a bottle and will fill 4 at a time. It’s a very impressive piece of Club equipment.Francis gave us a run down on the do’s and don’ts.

Remember this if you don’t remember anything else he said ” ALWAYS INSURE ITS LEVEL BEFORE YOU START IT” So that’s Rule number 1 with more to follow.

After Dave gave Francis directions, he was last seen heading out the Tipperary road in search of Thomand Park and we all wondered how long would he take to notice the post dated cheque !