Peter the free diving ninja and his orange sea-doo !

This year’s training started with a bang, full on, no expense spared, we had more equipment than a dive shop, underwater scooters, camera’s, video recorders, full face masks, underwater communications, mono fins, You name it we had it!
In the pool it was a real family affair with a life time of ages from Cian at 12 to the legend Ronnie who’s surely 104 and fitter than most of us creaking 40 year olds. And to document all this, we were delighted to have a reporter from the Limerick Leader attend and try his hand at scuba for the first time.
And it doesn’t end there , we get to do it all again next week, but the highlight will be on the 3rd of November when, due to popular demand, Peter Walsh will be giving his highly acclaimed, free diving breath holding workshop – I can’t wait.
Some of the antics this week included….

Richie (15) displayed great proficiency on his first dive and has the makings of a great diver. Someone whispered that he’s better than his father Dave, which wouldn’t be hard as Dave’s the only living contradiction to Darwin’s theory of evolution, apart from his fins which are bigger than him.
Cian, not to be out done, tried his hand at scuba too and eventfully had to be removed from the pool as I tried to prise the regulator from his mouth.
At the other end, Peter the free diver and his orange sea-doo appeared from depth and Asked “Who wants a go”.  Without hesitation Ronnie was in like Flynn and started doing loop the loops underwater, he was like Steve McQueen in Bullet but more handsome and now holds the record for the fastest man underwater, with an official speed of 92.7 mph
Shirley, Yvonne and Johnny Hassett were caught talking about Handbags, Lipstick, Long Hair and Fake Tan !
They were duly separated and warned, once it was pointed out to them that this was not allowed in our constitution.
It was great to see all the old faces again after the summer break with Mike Hines, Doc Tom, Gerry Leddin to name a few all joining in.
From a training officer prospective, I was delighted to see the commitment, community spirit and the enthusiasm in sharing the thrill of scuba diving to those who haven’t.
Thanks to all who made it possible, especially Matt, Dave Keane, Dave Ryan, Johnny, Brian, Emma, Mike and Peter.
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