Meeting Maceik Again


I am just back from a short break on the South side of the island of Tenerife where I took advantage of an invitation that was thrown out to the club in general at Maceik’s leaving do some weeks ago. I’m not sure that poor Maciek thought anybody was going to take him up on the offer so quick but he did make the mistake of sending me on his Spanish mobile number. We arrived on Sunday and just chilled out for the day, but on Monday I sent a text to Maceik to see how he was and what was the story with booking a few dives. He called me back at the end of his working day and was good enough to arrange for me to be picked up outside my hotel the next morning, I did try to negotiate with him about the pick up time as 08.30 is too early for me even at home but I was on the losing side!!!!

The following morning I awoke at 08.12 to the sound of my watch alarm, turned it off and said I would get up in 5 minutes but one minute later the alarm on my phone went off, I tried to ignore it for a minute but a sharp elbow from my significant other was my signal to get up and turn it off. Fortunately I had packed some stuff in my back pack the night before so grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge I went down to meet my lift to the dive center. I was met 2 minutes later right on time by the lovely Ramona who came to Tenerife 10 years ago for a short break and is still there to this day!!!! Ramona had two of her dogs in the back of the jeep who were so well behaved that I did not even know there were even there until the end of the journey when they jumped out looking forward to another tough day lying down in the dive center sleeping, running around, being petted by the divers and getting thrown some tidbits from the guys in between dives. Then Maceik came out from the equipment room all smiles and hand shakes it was good to see him and he seemed to have to have settled in well. He booked me in to the center and give me some form to fill in, made it all so easy. We had time for a quick chat and he told me of his lucky escape two weeks before when some Muppet in a uninsured rental car knocked him off his motorbike, he is ok but the bike needs a lot of work to repair it. The sea water is good for healing his cuts and scrapes so no break from work for him, anyway onto the diving.

It was great to have so many people sizing you up ( a possible future in the undertaking business for them ) so much so that within 5 minutes I had a wet suit, BCD, boots, regs, weights, tank, fins and a cup of coffee in front of me plus a box to but my valuables in, what service. Next up was the dive brief. We would be going to El Condesito a dive site that featured a sunken freighter which was carrying a shipment of cement bags when it sank 12 or 14 years ago at Christmas as the crew got drunk so the legend goes. It was time to go, as we got down to the beach it looked as boarding the rib was going to be interesting due to the unusually high waves rolling up onto the beach, but the coxswain Graham made a great job of getting every body on board safely. It was at this point that I managed to loose my camera as I was handing up my tank and BCD, so I did not manage to get any pics for this blog myself but Maceik did give me some that he had taken. (My thanks to Maceik, Adam and Mark for looking for my camera the following day).

Upon arrival at the dive site we geared up, disembarked and followed the anchor line down to about to 15 meters and then headed off the wreck, the vis was about 12 meters with a slight current. When we reached the vessel we could see her sitting almost upright with just a slight list to Port, there was a lot of life around there were some nice big groupers hanging out under the stern. We went up the port side nice and slowly when we got to the bow I saw a lot of rectangular stones lying on top of each other and was wondering what they were for a few minutes until I remembered that the cargo was cement (I had not realized that the cement was in bags) it was then that I felt stupid for the second time that day. The rest of the dive was spent on the starboard side where we could see where the winch had broken off and settled on the sea bed. We then started our accent to the boat and then back to the dive center for a spot of lunch. After lunch and dive brief it was off to the next dive site named El Auertito. It was explained on the dive brief that we would not probably be going any more than 10 meters max as we were going to be accompanied by a few trainee divers. At first I was not happy about this but when Maceik told me that there were Turtles at this site and they would approach divers I immediately perked up. As you can see from the pics Maciek was not lying .I had some great diving and Maciek and the rest of the crew made the diving great and relaxing. If any body is going to Tenerife south here is the web details if you want to contact them I had a great and safe experience with them. Afterwards I was talking to Maceik before I left and he told me that he still gets the text’s about our diving plans over here and has a quiet laugh to himself when he hears of our problems with South West winds and force 4 winds, it was at that stage that I told him to FU$K OFF and went on my merry way back to our Hotel room to find out how much shopping my Darling wife had managed to accomplish in my absence and also for a cold beer. Cheers Maceik looking forward to seeing you back in Ireland for diving soon.