Brrrr cold water diving

From Maldives

Hi guy’s Just back from a great dive holiday in the Maldives! (Honeymoon to some), By the way thanks for the best wishes.  What can i say about the diving there! You dont need me to tell you that it’s everything you think it is and more! Only one down side (except that i had to come home) was that it was the tail end of the off season, vis was sometimes reduced to ten metres down from a reputed 50m!!!!  Dive times were set so would have to dive at tidal times, High to low tide was 0.5m or less, a lot considering the high point of the island is just over 1.5m.

Got there after 4 flights so not able to dive day 1, walked the beach instead, glad i did, just 1m offshore a school of fish were hiding behind some rocks, then i saw why, 3 baby white tip reef sharks “playing” with each other. Couldn’t get my gear on fast enough then, snorkeled for the rest of the day, was counting the minutes to my first dive!!  Just being a 1* was limited to 20m, didn’t mind though was plenty to see. Got in as soon as i could and was like a kid in a sweet shop!! Hundreds of fish in hundreds of colours, Trigger fish, Lion fish and a Rock fish to name but a few. In the middle of what seemed like an underwater rainbow i looked down and saw some white tips resting on the seabed, just then a turtle swims lazily past and blocks the view! nearly forgot i was married at this stage and only 20mins into the dive.

Dives here are limited to 60mins, but with the water temp at 28c you dont even need a shorty. Came up at 58mins with 60bar left, sweet. Had 5 more dives, these continued in the same vein, splashes of colour and size, saw a manta ray, small one only 2m across, more sharks, turtles, tuna, the list goes on. Check out for some pics, should have a few of my own soon enough.

Works out a bit dear, $80 per dive including gear and boat, well worth it though. As i said i managed 6 dives and a total dive time of 334mins, thats about ten dives for me here. pity they dont count towards my 2* test. The water here is 10c, cant wait!! Brrr. Fill ye in more at the next dive. Dave