Mid Weak Anti Cyclone

From Anti Cyclone Kilkee Bay

It only took a few phone calls and we decided Wednesday was the day for diving in Kilkee. 6 of the finest divers arrived in Kilkee 2 hours before noon but something looked wrong, very very wrong, the sea was far from the placid state we’d expected.  A brisk stroll up Dunlikee was all it took to realise our plans for a relaxed dive were in jeopardy, Anti Cyclone – It sounds more like some new technology from Dyson than the promise of good weather, well that what were experienced yesterday, we thought we were inside a Dyson. From Beyond Bishops to Donegal point as far as the eye could see, the coast line was a mess, with water cascading over Berrity to spectacular waves looming over middle rock, it was not a day to venture outside the bay.


Even Skinny from OceanLife was mystified as to where the 4m swells were coming from…Ok ok they were coming from somewhere in the mid Atlantic but why? Their was a big H sitting there for the last week and a ½. Enough of this negativity and after a brief discussion we decided middle of the bay was the only place we could go, Skinny on the other hand wasn’t convinced and headed over to Illaunabha, but soon arrived back with his tail between his legs and decided to join us.


Richard introduced himself to the club again and thinking he was doing his leading diver exam gave us a boring dive brief which lasted 15 minutes – yawn. Matt after learning how to untie the boat felt confident and directed Johnny back without a hitch so to speak. Mike and Johnny now qualified coxswains couldn’t wait to show off and began giving orders and upsetting the rest of us, move this – tie that – site down – stand up. Then Rodgers dry zip under pressure from all the pork pies and muffins finally gave up and broke but we managed to force it shut, I think he wore it to work this morning.



Myself, Richard and Johnny thinking we were on a mission, dropped into 13m wearing AGA full face masks, the vis was about 6m and there was a good pull trying to upset our navigation but we didn’t care it’s better than Lough Derg any day. Richard as promised began to sing but we knew it wouldn’t last long as he hasn’t a note in his head. As we arrived back 2 dolphins appeared and Matt showed off his coxswain skills as we chased them around the boats and moorings, onlookers would have thought we had lost hydraulic steering again. We all enjoyed the diving despite the adverse sea conditions so much so that Matt, Rodger and Johnny decided to go for a second. Richard then said “I’m going for a swim, anyone want to join me ?” we thought he was going to do the bay swim but he arrived back within 2 min looking kinda dry , Mike was convinced he heard a woman squeal.