LSAC Birthday Countdown Calculator.

A little bird told me that a certain bearded Instructor celebrates his birthday today.

As you all know once you turn 40 you begin to count backwards as this is how you’ll end up,
be it 2 or 78 you’ll be wearing nappies, drinking from a beaker, talking gibberish and using a walker/zimmer frame for transportation.
If you can reach 0 you’re now above the national average and well on your way to celebration your 3rd 21st as you begin count forward again.

So who turned 39 today for the 2nd time !

It’s Brian O’Leary the seawolf – Happy Birthday and I hope you like your “I shot JR” tee shirt !

(it’ll make a change from the superman one you wear under your woolly bear – that’s reserved for Paul O’Connell and if he finds out your dead.)