Coors Night on Friday Lite.

Myles Breen – Going away party for Magic

8pm arrived and there I was still running around looking for my socks, I shouted “Have you not ironed my shirt yet !”
The response I got was both verbal and visual, the former being inappropriate as this is a family blog and the visual bit was a stainless steel pot hurtling past my nose.

Eventually we got on the road after we kissed and made up, it was 8:03pm and we were dead late.

Myles Breen’s was quite with a few local heads propping up the bar as we made our way to the back of the pub.
Doc Tom, Dave,  Mike O, Magic, Johnny, Emma and Brian our DO were there to greet us,
They were all in a exceptional good mood despite the weather, did someone win the lotto I thought, Dave maybe – he was dressed very smartly but then he was once an ex male model for Brown Thomas’s autumn collection, it’s when I heard that Coor’s Lite was free, I understood.

We were queuing up of buy each other rounds as if this free promotion exempted us from our previous obligations regarding who’s round was next.   
Coor’s Lite it wasn’t as it began to take effect immediately and  the customary “before” photograph took a while to organise in fact all the photos had an “after” look about them.
Johnny using some choice hand signals expressed his delight in getting his picture taken over and over, while Dave got very European and began to hug and dance with everyone.


Mike Orth and Doc Tom started their own version of Alas Smith and Jones but this didn’t last very long as Tom kept talking about asteroids, comets and black holes.

Before long Magic disappeared and admitted after interrogation that he was meeting a “lady friend”, some took this at face value while others thought it to be a financial arrangement with a dancer from his native land. Before he left we wished him all the best in Tenner Reef wherever that was.

Magic was gone …..But it was his round !

Rodger then appeared, took his seat and got a round in, Coor’s of course.  
We continued on celebrating Magic’s departure well into the night, until we all looked the worst for wear and the bar appeared to be stuck in a thermocline,
But it’s wasn’t until someone asked “Who’s Magic” that we knew it was time to go.