Le Tour de LSAC

Before the clocks go back and we descend into darkness, instead of looking for our Diving lamps why not brush the cobwebs off your high Nelly and take it for a spin.

“Cycling – Thats not for me, anyway the last time I tried it, my fins will got stuck in the spokes and I hurt my head! “, said the training officer.

Look it’s like this – none of us are getting any younger and we need to look after our joints as we exercise, so the choice is yours;  continue to take cod liver oil and smell like Killybegs, where no one will ever kiss you again or cycle.
Now there are a number of benefits from cycling;
 Firstly the pedalling will help our fining technique no end, particularly if we pedal backwards.

 Secondly proficient use of the handle bars, will prepare us for the Zimmer frame when the time comes.


So, Join me and Rodger in Ballyhoura on Saturday 5th Sept, where I will be demonstrating a special technique called “arse over head” using the branch of a tree and a bicycle pump to keep those faster cyclists at bay. We may even get to try this !
Essential equipment need – just you, as you can rent bikes and helmets, but if you want to bring your high Nelly by all means do so.

If you still want to cycle but not in Ballyhoura, I can organise a short spin from UL to Gillouge and back or something similar, which all the family can do quite easily.

Positive comments only as negativity will cost you €5, failure to pay will result in the forfeit of your saddle.