Diving the U260 Sub out of Baltimore

U260 Sub Baltimore

A dive Trip was organised by Tom Shaw, Lough Derg on Saturday last on the U260.  A technical dive through AquaAdventures. 10 divers from the region descended on Baltimore Saturday morning to leave the slip about 11am. Myself and Matt Wardle from Limsac, 4 from Aughinish and 4 members of Lough Derg as well as two external guest divers.

A great collection of Dive Equipment was assembled on the hard boat deck. Most had 15ltr bottles with 3 litre Stage/decompression bottles.  I spent some time planning my gas requirements and based on it plan how long I could spend on the wreck, I planned for 22 with a max of 25 minutes. I went down with a light 28% Nitrox mix which allowed me to go to 42meters and extend my bottom time without encurring a penalty like Matt encurred on his dive. I will link this article to the dive profile. I also switched to a 38% mix on the way up to speed up my decompression requirement and Matt did same.  We both switch gasses at about 25M. I also had an option to bring a 3 litre 53% nitrox mix to use at 6Meters, but was not required.  I had a twin 7lt bottles with a 28% mix and a 5lt with 38% mix. I came back with 50bar in my Twin set and 100bar left in my 5lt stage after a 60minute dive. Matt had twin 10lt air with a 5 litre 38% mix as a stage Deco mix. Note Green Arrow relates to Gas Switch on profile. Yellow Arrow relates to end of NDL for the Dive 12mins into dive, while Pink Down Arrow relates me switch back to my twin set at 46 minutes while Green down Arrow relates to me completing all my decompression requirements of the Dive at 52 minutes. Matt had to do a further 8 minutes to clear due to not have aNitrox mix on the bottom.

The Dive.

The sea was “boiling” on the surface with a slight pull on the surface, I had to work to get back to shot line when we dropped in, however, once there, down we went and to my relief visibilty was about 6-8meter on the Wreck. Priceless!! I was over whelmed with how small a craft it was and we both managed to do a complete tour of the wreck. It was sitting over at 45Degrees and we initially went to the rear of the sub, and travelled down the port side. The hatch on the Conning tower was minute, in fact, It puts things in to perspective when you reliase that up to 20 men habited this craft before it met its end. I ducked my head in the hatch, pottered around the gun deck, sat upon the ballast/compressed air tanks. The front of the craft is well broken up and reports that it may have hit a pinnacle seem likely. I came back up the Starboard side and then ran out of time, myself and matt were one of the last set of divers to leave with Martin and Aude on Rebreathers naturally behind us. A chain of divers ascended the Shot to the Decostation, where by I proceeded to count down my decompression requirements. I think Matt was getting a little frustratrated knowing that I had finished my Decompression requirements and he had another 8minutes to do.  I missed the large congor and MArtin and Aude got some great photo’s of which I can get to add up. I think we both enjoyed and learned from the Dive and hopefully look forward to doing it again.

In summary Dive went well, great, would luv to do another one again to investigate the Bow area and check out the Torpedo tube area. I did note that some divers of the other group did push the Deco bottles, so as the expression goes Plan your dive and dive your plan really comes into play on a dive like this.

We will add some photo’s courtesy of matt later Laughing