Children of Chernobyl Barbecue

From Children of Chernobyl BBQ

Next year, Limerick Sub Aqua Club celebrates its 50th anniversary, But more importantly it’ll be the 5th year that we will organise our annual Boating trip and BBQ for the Children of Chernobyl. This year’s event was a huge success with over 60 children turning up last Thursday. With help from Lough Derg SAC and Killaloe/Ballina Search & Rescue Unit, the Children enjoyed some high speed turns, delicious burgers and face painting on the picturesque shores of Lough Derg. Even the Coast Guard took time out from their duties to sample our refreshments.

We all arrived together and like a set from Killinaskully we began unloading the trailer with all our props – barrels planks, cones, rope, chairs and the kitchen sink, you name it we had.

It was great to see Frank Corr arrive and join the party as if he was never away, he said it was because he was shy and promised he would attend more events in future.

As we assembled everything, Emma chopped onions to a point where she couldn’t see anymore and nearly choped of her little pinkie.

Then Toni and Mark arrived with the burgers and sausages as the boats appeared, Ger Rogers with his speed boat, Brian in our Tornado, Locky and crew in their Lencraft and KB1’s Nooscat with Jason Carey, Joe Doolan and James Rodgers at the helm.

While Mike and Frank were doing some sterling work on the BBQ’s, the commis chef Peter was having none of it, they kept telling the lads how to cook and pleaded for a go at flipping the burgers.

Johnny, Brian, Philip and Ciaran were on boat duty and tried to terrify the children but there were up to the task and remembered from previous years to 1, hold on tightly and 2, to scream louder as this caused the boat to go faster.

Face painter’s, Yvonne and Shirley transformed the girls into princess and the boys into tigers. I wanted them to paint a Jolly Rodger on my right cheek but all I got for my trouble was a black eye and some choice words.

As the evening progressed some welcome faces turned up to sample the fine cuisine, it was great to see Dave Walsh and Co, Theresa & Phil and Paul & Rose.

It was just getting dark as everything was wound down, job done, everyone was happy.

Finally, as mentioned from the off, it’s all about the children and their faces and expression said it all. They greatly enjoyed the evening as did everyone else.

From Children of Chernobyl BBQ

Some of the Children attending were….. Ina Piatakowa (14), Hanna Telyatnikov (15), Tatiana Nestiaruk (8), Andrej Medvedev (16), Leonid Legasov (9), Cian Enright(12) , Austin Orth(12), Dylan Orth(4), Lauren Cronin(11) and Shona Cronin(9).