The Great Detour

After Brians epic tour along the west coast of Clare a brief detour to Doonbeg worked out to be a great success on Saturday afternoon .To first time divers to Doonbeg , all enjoyed a crackin dive in the Blue Pool .

However there was great debate to where the “true Bluepool ” dive was but with a bit of local knowledge we landed on the spot.

Excellent coxn work by Ciaran, he dropped us into 29 metres of water about 10 feet away from the wall . With a flooding tide at our backs we took an easterely bearing ,keeping the wall to our right we moseyed on at a constant depth of 29 mtrs for 10 mins profiling up to the 20s . It had great rock formations and was full of life …..

The most interesting part was coming across about 30 spider crabs in a gully in a hive of activity . Possibly it may have been their breeding season .What was noticable as we left this colony we hit a thermocline with propably a drop in temperature of 3/4 degrees. Superb location for a dive as you get plenty of depth and you can pick what depth you are most confortable with, you have the security of knowing you can profile all the way up to 6 metres.

To those unfamilar with this site their has been in the past a history of rogue waves so keep it in mind to swim away from the cliff face to make picking up divers for the coxn that bit easier.

For anyone wishing to bring their families along the White Strand is only 1/2 a mile away .A great beach for a family day out ! I beleived Mike fired up the bbq for a bit of mackeral later on shortly after Ciaran and I hit the road . Maybe next time we will be able to taste your culinary skills . I would definetely go along with Brians suggestion to dive their in the near future again . A detour well worth taking !