Living The Wildlife

There is a great program on Tuesday evening at 7pm on RTE1

called “Living The Wildlife”

It is an 8 episode program show many of Irelands species of wildlife both on & under water.

Sadly, it has now ended but the episodes can still be seen on the website above.

Episode 7, was about sea creatures, it is sad to see such a decline in the Skate,

They appealing for people to keep a watchful out for mermaids purses.

For more info check out…

Purse Search Ireland:

Episode guide:

Series 2: Episodes

Episode 1 – Chough, Fulmar and the Storm Petrel

Episode 2 – Pine Marten and the Squirrel

Episode 3 – Fin Whale and the Humpback Whale

Episode 4 – Pygmy Shrew, Bank Vole and the Wood Mouse

Episode 5 – King Ragworm, Common Shore Crab, Hermit Crab, Lugworm, Water Boatman, Sand Eel and the Daubenton Bat

Episode 6 – European Eel and the Bottlenose Dolphin

Episode 7 – Ringed Plover, Dogfish, Mermaids Purse, Sand Hoppers, Skate, Starfish and Flatfish

Episode 8 – Hen Harrier, The Burren and the Slow Worm