Diving Summary to date

Just words of advice to all or anyone organising a dive:- When the text goes out, get back to the DO, detailing your intentions to dive and preferably, detail, that you will be doing one or 2 dives and confirm that you are will to arrive at time suggested.

The goal of a DOD is to provide diving to all who reply to text. The best advice onecan offer, is to write down names as they come in, those who only want to do one dive, etc..  So why is this needed, well take Sunday for example…

A lot actually chose to do only one dive, knowing this info before hand may have allowed an early dive to occur and facililate a later dive for those who want to do one dive only.  As it was, it got late to consider doing a 2nd dive.

Also, if there is alot of interest in diving, then, good idea is to force a dry coxswain for 1st dive and run a 2nd dive quickly, while 1st group of divers are on their surface interval.  With a little help, understanding and flexibility, we can try to meet all your diving expectations. Obviously, there are enough around to ask for advice.

The Sea fog ws a factor and a safety concern, but, going to a enclosed dive spot, specific direction of travel and appropiate whistles and flags over come difficulties.  Prepare to be ready to dive.

From Fog in Kilkee

Thanks to all who have dived regularly up until now and the committee encourage all members to get out and avail of the great diving conditions when and where possible.

I greatly enjoyed the weeks diving in Portmagee, hope all enjoyed last Sunday’s Dive in the outer Diamonds, some lovely terrain and lots of my favourite fish to seen, blennys, crab, Lobster and Lots of Wrasse.

There are a number of Trainee Divers that the committee are hoping to see convert to Club Diving grade and fortunately, there are now have instructors looking to oversee these tests. So, it will be a busy few weeks, but, I see it a great year for Club development.

So See you in Quilty next weekend, looking forward to Quilty and Doolin over the coming weeks.


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