Kilkee Triangle

Congrats to John and Mike on passing Club Diver tests yesterday.  Ken and Maceij went through their dummy run in preparation also, so hope to close out on their Club diver tests dates soon now also. Not forgetting that Emma, Roger, James need to schedule in the prep work also.  Pressure is on now for the rest of the trainees to grab some of the glory Smile.  Club also needs to convert some trainee Coxswains to the qualified status also.

The weather has been kind to us in recent weeks, so hoping we can continue for a few months!!!

Well after some dubious boat manoeving, some great equipment recoveries, playing with those sea cucumber “fish” species with Sean on his dive, I think I had better stop trying to make Sean laugh in case he loses his reg. Overall, a very enjoyable days diving and credit to John and Mike for the patience in waiting to finally get their club diver test completed.

Meanwhile, the region welcomed Ciaran back to diving.  I was especially relieved when his old dry suit held it all in :-)… Great suit!!!

Emma learned a new signal from Brian Kearney, something to do with hugging… or cold????


From Doctors and Bishops Kilkee