Our new mooring in Kilkee.

We’ll all remember Sat the 21st of March for the day that Ireland’s rugby team won their 2nd Grand Slam since 1948 and for Bernard Dunn’s gutsy performance in becoming the WBA super bantamweight world champion. But for some of us it was also the day we put a permanent mooring in Kilkee.

It all started with Richard Roche saying “Hey Maurice how about getting a mooring in Kilkee”, Brian Kearney mentioned that we had a mooring way back but since none of us can use a compass we decided to put a new one in the bay. So off we went Dave Ryan, Johnny Hasset and Richard to Herberts for some brainstorming and after 2 years and many hangovers they hatched a plan to get someone else to do it. 

From Kilkee Mooring Project

That’s when the committee stepped in and told the lads to sober up and get on with the job, they produced blueprint and we all stepped up a gear to meet the deadline.

Dave organized the barrels, chain, hoisting gear, shackles and lifting straps. Johnny got the anchor chain, trailer and mooring weights and some buns and tea. Richard supplied the stainless steel weights and drawing. Mike Hines supplied the netting. While Dave and Johnny did all the hard work Brian, Emma, Ciaran and Matt drank tea and ate buns, but after 2 hour of chatting and slagging we felt guilty and mucked in too. Dave and Brian took turns with the diving and coxswain roles, Matt and Johnny helped on board while Ciaran put together the mooring riser chain, rope and buoy.  Emma help Brian with reversing since his new jeep (Club vehicle) is “way bigger” than the Peugeot 307.

So we achieved what we set out to do….get back in time to see Ireland XV and Bernard Dunn do us proud !

From Kilkee Mooring Project