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Equipment Officer Update and Request for help!

From Drop Box
The compressor repairs are ongoing and hopefully, they will be resolved some time this week.
New hoses and gauges are been fitted, once complete, the compressor will be re activated for use.
Members are advised to contact John prior to showing up to use the mobile compressor charge dive cylinders.
Regarding the boat:
This is the long bit.
The impeller got an overhaul, thanks to Dave, Peter and Noel. With the lower case now replaced, next step is the engine service.
Help required, please don’t wait to be asked, just offer it…all hands on deck!! 🙂
Finally, when this is all done we can move to sort the trailer out. The axels need to be changed and hopefully, those will finally be in some time later this week. Fingers crossed, we can have boat ready for easter.
Mr. Ryan also has shortened the boat windshield. Great job, much better job.
As always John Hassett and Shelly have been a great support, feeding the masses, providing a haven and support for the cosmetic repairs.
Anyway, what more can I say. Thanks guys, I hope the membership appreciate the free time and effort all the guys are
giving to getting the boat ready and safe for the sea.
Roll on a great year of diving. 🙂

World’s End a Trainee Perspective

From Worlds End Snorkel

The first open water club snorkel of the year, was also my very first open water snorkel ever.  I met the group that were braving the cold February waters at 12 on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, it was originally to be 11am but Mike and Johnny were kind enough to push it to 12 to suit me driving down from a visit to Dublin.

Getting into my gear required the help of Frank and Theresa, so grateful to you both.  Once we were all in our gear and in the water we finned upstream a little and then back down to the entry point again.  The water was fairly cold but not as bad as I was expecting for the time of year, it was well above freezing cold, and after the initial shock of cold it really was quite comfortable.  I felt as though we were barely in the water when we were getting out again.  I felt colder standing on the shore watching the two lads in the scuba gear than it was in the water in truth.  All in all a very good afternoons activity that was quite enjoyable, although next time I’m bringing a weight belt, my hood, something to stand on while I get dressed, a bottle of warm water like Theresa had and a windbreaker.  You live and learn as they say, and boy are they right!!!