LSAC is Open for New Members

Limerick Sub Aqua is recruiting for the Dive season now!   Limerick Sub Aqua Club is one of the oldest diving clubs in Ireland, it was founded in 1960!  We have a rich history in diving in Ireland and are…..

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About LSAC Everything you need to know to join us

Where can you find us?

In the Summer months we can usually be found in Killkee on Sunday mornings from 10am. From October to March you will find us at UL Arena at 9pm on Tuesday nights, just come to the pool side and say hello. Email is Limerick AT

Why Join a Club?

Being a member of a dive club has many advantages. For a small investment in club membership you get access to all the club has to offer including our dive boat, club compressor, 16 sessions in UL pool, CFT insurance, experienced officers and members of the club, local knowledge of dive sites etc… If you want to learn to Scuba Dive at your own pace, you can afford to invest in your own equipment and like to join a group of like-minded individuals then club-diving may be just the ticket.

What does it Cost?

The fees for a new member consist of a full divers membership (350) plus the costs for training materials, logbook, and welcome pack (60). The cost of CFT Insurance is included. New trainees that join Limerick Sub Aqua Club are full members of the diving club and entitled to the use of all it’s facilities.

Membership Benefits

By being part of a CFT Club, not only are you learning new skills and seeing a world most people dream about, you are also part of a team. Our Clubs are not just diving clubs they are friends and social outlets. You only have to go on a dive to see the fun that can be had! Learn more here:

LSAC members can post dive reports here, share pictures from

trips with the Club and update the website. Ask DO for access.


Latest Post

Gourmet Diving Cahirciveen with Inbhear Sceine

Mike Orth | May 16, 2012

From Regional Weekend Cahirciveen Recently I was asked why the South West Regional Weekend is hosted in Cahirciveen every year, “Why Doesn’t it travel around instead?”. On the face of it, the question is sensible enough sure, but in reality…..

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Pink Caves Kilkee

Peter Walsh | July 25, 2010

Pink Cave Kilkee THe GODS were with us in Kilkee on Saturday and that was Ronnie and Manuel, They were our tour guides for the day and they were out to impress. We started out with a safe pass through…..

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Cameron Creek, Kilkee

Ronnie Hurley | August 5, 2009

Cameron Creek, Kilkee Recent comment on our web site, about the Blue Pool, put me in mind of Cameron Creek, named by us, after Roddie, a member of the original scouting party who first discovered the location and a dear…..

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Valentia. There is an Isle.

Ciaran Enright | June 10, 2009

Having been brought up following Shannon Rugby since I was knee high to a grasshopper, There is an Isle still puts hair on the back of my neck. But there is another Isle its called Valentia….. From Portmagee 2009 From…..

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Dive Ireland International Expo is coming to Limerick March 3,4 2018

lsacroot | January 14, 2018

Aughinish Diving Club and Limerick Sub Aqua Club are jointly hosting the annual Dive Show in the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Limerick on March 3rd and 4th 2018.  The gathering of Ireland’s diving community is a jam packed…..

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The 2017 Season is Off and Running

Mike Orth | May 1, 2017

Winter is going. The boat is in place. Now we just need some fair wind and calm seas and a few eager divers to make this another great season.  I wanted to share a few updates for members that might…..

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Leading Diver Diary

David Keane | March 24, 2014

WEEK 1-3 Well, I finally decided to go for the leading diver grade, sort of, maybe, not sure, definitely! Hmmm. After rounding up a few suspects and attending the brief. Myself and Frank have committed to reaching the grade. Frank…..

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Musings of an Elder Lemon

Ronnie Hurley | August 10, 2013

Yea, another one! My diving wish-boxes are so…… being ticked and fulfilled! Wednesday evening was one, perhaps even better than most of the others. Funny thing this, every time I come in from even a half decent dive nowadays, I…..

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Abseil for Milford Hospice and Age Action

Eamonn Maloney | April 30, 2013

See attached interviews : Ronnie Hurley‘s interview, going out on NearDublin FM on Wednesday. He is in conversation about Saturday’s charity abseil with Ger Leddin who is a former member of Limerick SAC Interview with online newspaper – the…..

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First Sea Dive

David Keane | April 11, 2013

Hi guys, We have finally gotten back into the open ocean, unfortunately without our own boat, but thankfully our good friends in Aughinish supported our dives as well as the visiting Hook SAC. A bit windy and the visabilty left…..

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Night Dive Blog

David Keane | October 8, 2012

Ah Brian, you got there before me! I was delighted to get a text about a night dive in Portroe, I was only asking Peter about one on Sunday. I need to brush up on my night dive skills, with…..

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mutton isl

Man Overboard – Pass the gel coat please

Brian O'Leary | August 13, 2012

I was really looking forward to a weekend of diving in Quilty. The weather leading up the weekend was poor with reports of a strong swell on Thursday. Early feedback on availability of divers for diving over weekend was suggesting…..

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Discovery of “Kilimanjaro in Portroe”

Brian O'Leary | July 3, 2012

Ok, you all know, I am pulling your leg, so let me explain my blog.     I have dived Portroe a lot. So while I often vary the routes I travel out and back on, I was up to…..

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Presentation to “Old Grouchy”

Ronnie Hurley | June 20, 2012

This is by way of being a humble THANK YOU to the members of the Club for the wonderful, and so much appreciated, presentation and social night on the occasion of my 80th birthday. I recognize all the thought, effort…..

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Where do Tides comes from? Portmagee 2012 :-)

Brian O'Leary | June 18, 2012

    From Portmagee 2012  The Annual trip to Portmagee was again a great success, Members logged over 90 Dives through out the week. I guess the Sunday and Monday were the peak days for members to dive as numbers…..

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